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Video & Audio

We are wired for storytelling. One of the most engaging forms of storytelling for clients is video. I utilize my storyboarding, directing, recording, editing, and producing skills to provide all of my clients the content they need to help tell their story.

Colorado Episcopal Service Corps Get-to-Know The Corps Video

During my time spent in Denver, Colorado with the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps, I worked with my corps to create and produce this video as a fun way to promote a service year for folks 21-24 who are looking for an option for growth and service.

HometownS6Ep1_graphic copy.png
HometownS6Ep5_graphic_April 2022.png

Season 6 of EMM's HomeTown Production:

Art, Interviews, Recording, Promoting

I had the pleasure of creating, interviewing and producing for EMM's sixth season of HomeTown, with this season dedicated to the theme of community sponsorship.

The Hometown podcast features interviews with people resettled to the U.S. as refugees, history and background on refugee-producing countries, interviews with authors, information about asylum and immigration detention in the U.S., examinations of topics within the immigration landscape, and spiritual reflections from lay and clergy across the Church. In addition, episodes include advocacy and policy updates on a wide variety of issues, webinar recordings, and opportunities to get involved in the ministry of welcome.

Video to Celebrate EMM Resettling over 100,000 refugees 

I produced this heartwarming, historic video to celebrate December 09, 2021 as the day Episcopal Migration Ministries officially resettled 100,000 refugees since their start as an official resettlement agency in the 1980's!

For Accordius Health Services

I created, filmed, and produced a fun video to help promote the caring, passionate staff and members of Accordius Health, a local health service in the town of Harrisonburg, VA. This video, with over 2,200 views increased the visibility of Accordius in the Harrisonburg community 

St. Matthews Annual Meeting
Invitational Video

For St. Matthew's Sterling's Annual meeting, I created a short, 30 second video to offer a warm welcome to the parishioners at my home parish, to attend their annual meeting in order to do the spiritual work of  reviewing the outreach, impact, fundraising, and community building from the past year. 

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