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The lifeblood of your story and brand!

Your logo is like your own personal stamp on the industry. Who are you? What are you about? What makes you unique? Let me help you find your "ta-da"-seal-of-approval, something you'll be putting on everything, something that will be hard to forget.


how can I help you tell your story?

what's in it for you:



  • Design Deep Dive - A detailed questionnaire that helps me discover and better understand YOU and your goals! 
  • 1:1 initial consultation to hear your story, vision, scope, confirm budget, & sign contracts. 
  • The Vibe Check - a curated vibe and mood board with imagery, text, colors, and other items that do their best to sum up the look and feel that you're striving for!


  • Up to 4 concepts that encompass your vision & vibe

  • With an opportunity for 4 revisions.


  • Your own custom primary logo (the life blood of your brand!

  • A secondary, abbreviated logo (for when less is more!)

  • Color variations of each (light/white, dark/black, embossed, engraved, your 3 primary colors)


  • Go forth into the world with your new logo!

  • 1 hour of additional consultation regarding
    usage & implementation 

this is the one for you if:

You're looking for a fresh look,

or ready to start a brand new chapter on your brand adventure, highlighting your story, your mission, and what you have to offer!

You're not a fan of your current logo

and you're ready to break out of the mold, try new things, tell a different story, or otherwise breathe new life into your brand!

You want to claim your spot in the industry

all while standing out among the rest of your competitors

You want to lean into the design process,

and work in a collaborative partnership with someone who wants you to succeed and feel empowered in all you do!


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