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custom branding


Make it memorable.  Make it you. - STARTING at $1400

Your brand is so much more than something to recognize or place with a brand name. It's your story. It's your copy. It's the feeling you impart on everyone who interacts with your story and services. It's what you stand for, and what you don't. Cohesive, consistent branding is the love language of your story's identity and purpose in the world. 

how can I help you tell your story?

what's in it for you:


  • Design Deep Dive - A detailed questionnaire that helps me discover and better understand YOU and your goals! 
  • 1:1 initial consultation to hear your story, vision, scope, confirm budget, & sign contracts. 
  • The Vibe Check - a curated vibe and mood board with imagery, text, colors, and other items that do their best to sum up the look and feel that you're striving for!


  • Up to 4 concepts that encompass your vision & vibe

  • With an opportunity for 5 revisions.



  • A secondary, abbreviated logo based on existing logo (for when less is more!)

  • Color variations of each (light/white, dark/black, embossed, engraved, your 3 primary colors)

  • Custom & curated fonts just for you and your style

  • A unique color palette that encompasses you and your story

  • Branded "texture" or pattern for your identity that helps to tie all your assets together


  • Comprehensive branding guide with fonts, colors, and hex codes so you can stay organized and consistent across all assets & channels!

  • Go forth into the world with your new brand identity, logos & fonts!

  • 1 hour of additional consultation regarding
    usage & implementation 

this is the one for you if:

You value your story & values

and want to see them conveyed throughout all of your products, services, marketing, and web presence.

You're tired of inconsistency

of look, feel, and quality across all of your print, digital, and web assets. 

You want to leave a good first impression

with everyone who encounters your brand, story, and services, and begin your client journey on the right foot.

You want to grow and adapt

to find your unique place in the minds of your audience with a look and feel that is custom to you, timeless, and flexible.

Branding starts at: $1400

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