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Your website is the portal to your soul, services, & information. It should make sense to any user, be easy to navigate, be easy to read, accessible, AND functional on mobile. These re-designs help to organize & prioritize information, all while not making the user have to think too much about where to go to accomplish their goals. 

BUILT WEBSITE: Early Childhood Service Corps

As the Early Childhood Service Corps program became its own entity (previously part of the non-profit Experienced Engaged), the program needed a website where post-career adults and early childhood sites could learn about our program and navigate opportunities. I utilized these vibrant colors to emphasize the passion, exuberance, and experience of all ages. 

SPW Mockups Copy of 100+ ETSY Product Listing Templates.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 6.21.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 6.22.18 PM.png

BUILT WEBSITE: Katherine Newell

A hair & makeup agency gets a refreshed look

When MG Hair & Makeup was looking to get a fresh look, I partnered with the CEO in order to re-design the layout and contents of the agency's new website that best fit the company's needs. 

Using functionality of the DiviBuilder, I was able to create a series of light, modern-looking pages that work to convey MG Hair and Makeup's sleek, minimal, yet professional brand. 

Use the light grey middle slider and drag left to right to see the transformation.


A new digital, spiritual home

After a lack of a refined, streamlined, digital presence, Canterbury's website was in need of a re-design. I worked with my fellow vestry members to further a re-design represent Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry. Using the Wix platform, I helped to design a website to better display our activities, our branding, and other aspects of our ministry. We were able to integrate email & contacts, making it easier for people to sign up for our newsletter and to inquire about events and services. 

With an updated newsletter & instagram campaign presence, we were able to enhance engagement among our community members and better raise awareness of our organization on campus.  

Use the light grey middle slider and drag left to right to see the transformation.


Building a digital story for the Basic Needs Coalition

In an effort to address the food insecurity issue at JMU and further Canterbury Episcopal Campus food pantry ministry (also known as SHELF'D) I designed a website to act as a resource hub for students who are struggling to find food during the school year. SHELF'D went on to become its own ministry, and has its own campaign here. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 12.23.19
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