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creative space is important.

Sometimes...all you need is a change of scenery. The apartment I moved into this year is one example of that. Being able to move back into my second home this week was probably the highlight— so fun to be able to transform this empty space with the special pieces and blessings that loved ones have imparted on me over the years, with some shards of external wisdom thrown in.

This wall is kind of a hodge-podge of inspiration-- I'd say this is where it all starts. Not only was it a therapeutic thing to put together, but it was a really colorful and aesthetically pleasing way [to me] to highlight and remind me of encouraging words I've received, read, or thought about over the years. This wall features everything from personal cards from family and friends, to inspirational quotes, to screenshots of messages, to illustrations. I think it also builds upon this aesthetic I've come to build over time-- a kind of collage/odds n ends, organized chaos vibe that has influenced my work over the years.

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