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irish inspo

This picture is a lil #throwback to me, standing on the rock in an Irish meadow in Connemara. One of my favorite experiences of my study abroad in Ireland; not only do the hills literally look alive with the sound of music, but everything was so 🌿GREEN🌿 and 🌿LUSH🌿and honestly it just felt *really* easy to feel inspired by the gorgeousness surrounding me. The majesty of the mountains, and the unification of light and dark + earthy tones just reinforced my love for the colors that have made up the "personal brand" I've kind of developed for myself. Green has been my favorite color ~~since I realized that purple, my ex-favorite color, was not a “good-tasting color of lollipop”~~ and it’s just snuck into every corner of my life and I love it. Down the road, as branding evolves, green will be one of the things staying, that’s for sure.

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