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creatives off the clock podcast

So......I started a podcast. (:

The “Creatives Off The Clock” podcast is something I've had tucked in my brain & heart for a while, and now, it's coming to life in the most beautiful way with interviews & conversations with creative folks that I celebrate & admire.

I touch on this a little bit in the first-ever episode, but literally, in elementary school…. ~ enters full core-memory mode ~ we had a class-reserved time in the computer lab (which was all very fancy and new at the time), and we were talking about careers and jobs. The teacher had us take a “career quiz”, which would give our tiny little elementary year old selves some insight as to what career we might want, or fit into. The computer screen finished loading and I had gone through all the questions, and everyone was sharing their answers with one another… veterinarian, doctor, construction worker, architect, artist, teacher… the word on my screen was “Radio Host”.

I can't remember if my younger self saw that and laughed in discomfort or FOMO, as others got “real jobs” on their screens… but I can tell you I'm chuckling now because I have always had a fascination with audio/visual production, and getting to try my hand at podcasting in undergrad/various jobs has left me still curious and wanting to learn more.

And so it is! Not quite a radio host, but something close. This first podcast episode, in 8 minutes, tries to give an overview of the how, where, and why, but what I'm most excited for are the episodes where I get to just talk with people (one of my fave pastimes) about what they do, what they're passionate about, what they're excited for, and how, in world of ubiquitous distraction, they still find and make time for doing what they love with their creative spirit. I'm so excited to be sharing this journey with you-- stay tuned!

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